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Hyoscine butylbromide ampoules (Buscopan) shortage - UPDATE

6th February 2018

There is a national shortage of hyoscine butylbromide injection (Buscopan) in the UK, as Sanofi (the sole supplier of this product) is out of stock. New supplies are expected by the end of this week (5th February 2018). However, some units have already run out of stock. Glycopyrronium injection can be considered as an unauthorized alternative in the palliative care seting for the management of inoperable intestinal obstruction or as an antispasmodic. See PCF6 Antimuscarinics and PCF6 Glycopyrronium monographs for more detail.

08/02/18 Update

Sanofi have confirmed that supplies of hyoscine butylbromide injection (Buscopan) have now been released and stock has been delivered to wholesalers throughout the UK on the 7th and 8th February 2018. It should be available for ordering within 24h. They have advised that the available volume is sufficient to meet normal UK requirements and that there should be no further delays to future delivery schedules. In order to prevent further strain on the supply chain they have asked that people refrain from excess ordering.

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